Neoprene Rock Rug (Picnic Blanket) - Water Over Stones


Neoprene Rock Rug (Picnic Blanket) - Water Over Stones



The Rock Rug collection is the first of the cutting edge murph&murph neoprene picnic rugs.

They are 2m x 1.4m in size and made of a single sheet of super soft neoprene.

They are robust yet amazingly comfortable.

They are very different to normal picnic rugs as they are rubber as opposed to foam, so they repel water rather than absorb it.

Leaves and sticks don’t stick to them.

Due to the rubber, they stay insitu when children and animals run over them.

After a day on the lawn or at the beach they can be simply hosed down to clean.

murph&murph’s neoprene picnic rugs are very versatile, they are being used for anything from outdoor concerts, winter sports, swimming lessons or even to sit under or stay warm at winter events.

The first collection of 3 rugs, features photos of Rottnest Island (an island 20km off the Western Australian Coast). These photos magnify the beauty of the landscape looked at, but not necessarily seen every day. murph&murph chose these photos as they thought they aptly represented the hardiness of the picnic rug.

Neoprene was chosen, as it provides a lightweight, fully waterproof rug with natural padding, and is very easy to wash down/clean. An added benefit is not having grass and leaves stick to it like other textiles.

The first collection includes:
1. Twigs (black, brown, white): Twigs on limestone dunes, reflecting the tough coastal environment yet providing an almost architectural beauty, pleasing to the eye.

2.Blue Rock Rug (blue, black, white): These colours almost look like waves on the ocean. Yet, they are the rocks at the edges of bays which have eroded over the years by the lapping and lashing of the ocean, leaving a natural artistic sculpture. They reflect the natural blue light of the morning sun reflections.

3.Water over Reef (rose, stone, white): The crystal-clear water lapping over the top of a pebble reef giving off a beautiful combination of natural colours and a feeling of being calm and at one with nature.

We love the Australian coast, and Rottnest, and as a childhood holiday destination, it has inspired and influenced the way we live our lives today.

Thanks mum and dad for all those memories we try to recreate for our own families.

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