Neoprene Picnic Blanket - Aqua Mornings

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This is one of murph&murph's third collection of cutting edge NEOPRENE picnic rugs.

NEOPRENE was chosen as it's lightweight, fully waterproof, very easy clean and quick dry. Another benefit is that grass, leaves and hair don't stick to it as much as other textiles.

They are very different to regular picnic rugs as the center is rubber, as opposed to foam, so they repel water rather than absorb it as well as providing a more dense and comfortable padding.

murph&murph’s neoprene picnic rugs have proven very versatile. They are being used for anything from outdoor concerts, picnics, the beach and swimming lessons to winter sports, sheltering from the rain or wrapping yourself up at chilly events.

Their Third collection has focused on the murphy sister's home town of Cottesloe, Western Australia. In collaboration with the talented photographer, Matt Harvey (@matty7619) they have put together this image 'Aqua Mornings' as well as 'Calm Waters'.

Cleaning Instructions:  Simply spray clean with some mild detergent or washing powder and hang to dry. For tough stains give it a rub with a cloth or give it a short soak with some napisan. Make sure it is thoroughly rinsed afterward and completely dry before storing.


* Make sure your blanket is completely dry before folding or storing. 

* DO NOT store in direct sun.

* If it has been in a chlorinated pool, rinse off with fresh water afterward.

Size: Length 2m Width 1.4m