About Us

murph&murph Outdoor Bags were conceived when sisters, Anna and Catherine Murphy, decided to put their heads together to construct a bag they believed would be perfect for their own active families.

Something stylish, robust and practical that could get their gear to and from the beach, boat, picnics, swimming lessons, sports and other social activities.

After many months of design, they came up with The Cove Outdoor Bag. The bag needed to be constructed with materials that allowed it to be free standing, as well as water resistant and durable, but still comfortable to hold against skin. 

They also wanted secure pockets for keys and devices as well as an insulated pocket for a bottle of water (or wine).

Recently, the sisters also introduced another amazingly innovative product, the only NEOPRENE (wetsuit material) picnic rug to the market. They’re called Rock Rugs, which symbolises the robust, yet amazingly comfortable, material they’re constructed from.

The girls came up with idea when they realised how nice it was to stand on the kid’s wetsuits when the sand was too hot or cold. They were already thinking of developing a picnic rug so the two ideas came together and the Rock Rug was born.

They describe the rugs as a totally different experience to a normal picnic rug. The cushioning is rubber, as opposed to foam, so it’s much more comfortable to sit on and repels water, instead of absorbing it. The rugs pick up very little in the way of sticks and leaves, they stay in situ and can be hosed down at the end of a busy day.

The time the girls spent on the design, prototypes and redesign, is now paying off. As a testament to their products, 90% of their sales are through positive word of mouth.

murph&murph has also decided to put their energy into supporting New Hope, a charity focused on the children chastised by society within India. In August this year, murph&murph supplied the school bags to all the students and look forward to supporting them in the future.