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Which Cove Bag Do I Need?

Which Cove Bag Do I Need?

From school drop-offs and pick-ups, to a busy work schedule, to cooking and cleaning — you’ve already got enough on your plate. So the last thing you want to be worrying about is “umming” and “ahhing” over which bag to buy.

That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to picking the perfect murph&murph bag for your specific needs. Read on and let’s find your match!

For Those Who Want To Play

Our pick? The Cove Carry-All Bag.

Durable, stylish and practical, it’s designed to fit everything your crew needs for a day out or a weekend away.

Made for families with active lifestyles, it was originally designed as a beach bag. But, we’ve discovered a variety of different uses for it over the years, thanks to its large capacity. Ready to accompany you on your indoor and outdoor adventures, the Cove Carry-All is perfect for:

  • Picnics
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Winter sports
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Traveling
  • Overnight trips



Basically, anytime you need to carry a lot of stuff, the Cove Carry-All has got your back (and shoulders). Say goodbye to multiple bags or heavy boxes, and hello to an easier way to get around.

Our designers have catered for your every need in an outdoor bag and only the highest quality products have been used:

  • Water resistant, heavy gauge canvas
  • Reinforced with an inner layer of stitching
  • Shoulder straps designed flat for comfort
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Vigorously product tested

And every parent’s favourite feature? Pockets! The Cove Carry-All Bag includes pockets for your every need:

  • An insulated bottle (*cough* wine *cough*) pocket
  • A substantial YKK zip pocket that fits an iPad
  • Inner pockets for your phone, sunglasses, and keys
  • Two magnetised side pockets

All pockets are tucked away and water resistant to separate wet bathers from dry towels, wet towels from dry magazines, and electronics from wet anything.

For the price of a family outing, all your future outings are in the bag! It comes in a fabulous range of colours, including Rust, Black, Blush, and Blue Steel. Or why not bundle it? Add a picnic blanket and save $55.

For Those Who Want To Work

Our pick? The Cove Mini Bag.

Is the Carry-All a bit big for work? We’ve got you. We’ve downsized our signature bucket bag for all you working mums, or just for you ladies who need something small for when you’re out and about.

The perfect mix of style, size, functionality and quality, it’s designed with more day to day use in mind. It’s got plenty of space for all your belongings, such as a drink bottle, lunch, computer, and more. Plus, shoulder straps and handles make it perfect for carrying around on those busy workdays.

It has everything you’ve come to know and love about the Cove Carry-All, only in a smaller package. This includes:

  • Water resistant, heavy gauge canvas
  • Designed to fade and add character over the years
  • Water resistant pockets for every need
  • Stainless steel fittings

Plus a matching boho shoulder strap. Available in two different colours (Rust and Blue Steel), and two different designs (studded and non-studded).


For Those Who Want To Travel

Our pick? The Cove Traveller Bag.

Our newest bag, it has the same dimensions as our Cove Mini Bag, but with travel in mind. We highly recommend it for your carry on luggage. It’s self-standing so things don’t fall out and fits under the seat in front.

But you don’t have to be getting on a plane to put this bag to good use. It’s also great for families on the move. It can carry 2x drink bottles, afternoon snacks, jumpers, and more. Here’s what makes it so great:

  • Made from easy to clean polyamide
  • Has all the pockets included in our other two bags, plus another large magnetised side pocket (perfect for storing your passport AND remembering where you put it!)
  • Super stylish 5cm wide star shoulder strap, which is super handy for when you’re on-the-go
  • Can also be used as a baby bag, picnic bag, and more
  • Available in a gorgeous shade of Teal, Silver Sage, Navy and Black.

Decision Time

No matter what you choose, step out in confidence knowing our entire collection of personal bucket bags are handmade with the highest quality canvas built to last. 

Did you make it a murph&murph bag? We’d love to see your bag in the wild. Don’t forget to tag us @murphandmurph.


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