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10 Ways to Entertain Kids in Quarantine

Kids painting in self isolation

With Perth schools and daycares closing, we wanted to equip parents with a few activities to keep kids busy during their self-quarantine. We understand that this is a very difficult time for everyone, particularly for parents. murph&murph Founders Anna & Catherine have seven children between their two households, who are now all home from school the foreseeable future. We are in this together and we will get through it. Here's a list of 10 ways to keep your kids busy during self-isolation:


1. Building a fort

Stimulating creativity, resourcefulness and persistence.


2. Treasure hunt

Encourage problem-solving by hiding items around the house, accompanied by a written clue that leads kids to the next spot.


3. Bake together

Biscuits, brownies or banana bread. Teaching measurements, practising mental maths and creativity.


4. Puzzles

Something that can be done over time. If kids lose interest, consider implementing a reward system for every certain number of pieces correctly added.


5. Create a schedule

Help your kids plan their day to day at home. Designate homeschooling time slots, free time, meals etc.


6. Visit Mars

Take a virtual trip to Mars. Use this 360-degree camera to explore the surface of the red planet.


7. Write a letter

Writing a letter, sealing it in an envelope, putting a stamp in the corner and dropping it in the red AusPost letterbox is something a lot of kids may never have done before. Suggest writing to loved ones, like grandparents who may be in need of extra love during this time of self-quarantine.


8. Go for a walk

Escape the indoors by heading out for a walk around the block. If you are in lockdown you may not be allowed to leave the house so it might be better to do some indoor exercise with your kids, like yoga... even if it just turns into making up silly yoga poses!


9. Painting

Get out the crafts box, put down some newspaper and let them get creative. Offer prompts for their artwork like drawing the family pet or their favourite food.


10. Facetime

Writing a letter is fun, but if you feel your kids would brighten their quarantined grandparent's day then set them up one a Facetime call. They can talk about the fun stuff they've been doing at home from this list.


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